Aims & Objectives: HiPer

Through our education programme, our aim is to push Himalayan periglacial/permafrost research forward thereby in the future enabling ours and other organisations' projects to reach these more remote communities in the highest parts of the Himalaya.

To achieve this aim, our objectives include:

  1. Teaching Nepali research students about the subject (no university in Nepal teaches periglacial/permafrost science at present).
  2. Enabling Nepali students to conduct their own research in the high Himalayan region on this subject.

These objectives are realised in two ways, through:

1. The Himalayan Periglacial Summer School

In 2014 The Glacier Trust developed and ran the inaugural Himalayan Periglacial (HiPer) summer school held at the Tribhuvan University (TU) Kathmandu campus. This course was attended by ten Nepali postgraduate students and was delivered through a series of lectures, seminars and practicals, and taught by a combination of British post-graduate level students, lecturers from TU and researchers from the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD).

Having successfully run HiPer summer school 2015 last October the periglacial/permafrost agenda is starting to role, ICIMOD have also been running a pilot study on the environmental and societal impacts of permafrost thaw, which has raised awareness of this topic area.

By having this as an assessed course, we were able to select the top 3 students and fund them in their Master's degree dissertaton fieldwork component with a trip tagged onto the end of the summer school.

2. The HiPer Field Trip

The top 3 students from the previous summer school were supported by TGT through the HiPer field trip to enable them to conduct research in these periglacial/permafrost regions. This benefits the students as they usually would not have been able to conduct such research otherwise. It also benefits the volunteer(s) we send out to teach on the summer school but also through gaining valuable field experience in the high Himalayas. And finally, TGT benefits by raising the awareness of the topic and by gaining primary research data from which future studies may be conducted and important findings made.

Get in touch

The Trust is always pleased to hear from any researchers in permafrost and periglacial
processes who are especially interested in the Himalayas and/or would be interested in
teaching on the summer school/field trip. Contact us to find out more.