Medium grind (1 KG)

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Medium grind (1 KG)


The Glacier Trust proudly presents Nepal Glacier Coffee. A medium-dark roast of pure Arabica bean.

New for 2019, we are selling in 1KG bags to save on packaging - and because you asked us to. If you would like a smaller quantity, you can still purchase our 150g bags too.

Tasting notes of treacle, plum and cocoa; a pleasing aromatic cup with low acidity.

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This small-batch coffee has been grown at high altitudes by a farmers’ cooperative as part of a climate change adaptation programme enabled by The Glacier Trust and EcoHimal Nepal.

Intercropped with banana trees, Nepal Glacier Coffee is shade-grown on north-facing Himalayan slopes at 1,200m above sea level. Free-from artificial pesticides and fertilisers and naturally processed by the community of growers. Each bean is hand selected for washing, then pulped, sorted and dried before being roasted Kathmandu.

The Glacier Trust is a charity dedicated to enabling climate change adaptation in Nepal. £9 from every 1KG bag of coffee you purchase will return to Nepal to fund our vital work.


We have done our best to keep postage and packing to a minimum. You can select 1st class signed for, 1st class, or 2nd class.

If you are in London, please contact us before purchasing as we may be able to hand deliver your coffee.