our Strategy


We believe that small scale village level projects are the most effective at delivering sustainable improvements to people’s lives.
This is the level at which we work - small is beautiful.



You may have heard about glaciers melting in the Himalayas because of climate change? But what does this mean for the millions of people who live there? Well, it depends on where they live.

The melting of Himalayan glaciers affects communities close to the rivers that the melt feeds. However, climate change as a whole is adversely altering weather patterns all over Nepal. It is hindering the ability of mountain farmers to grow enough food to survive. 

Winters are drier than ever, groundwater often runs out before the rainy season arrives. The warming climate is also helping disruptive insect pests and invasive plant species to survive and spread causing havoc for farmers.



The Glacier Trust does not ‘do’ aid. Instead we work at a grass-roots level to enable community-led sustainable development programmes and higher education opportunities.

We take a holistic approach with ‘hands on’ education and training programmes for communities and young academics.

We achieve change one village and one student at a time, enabling research and positive adaptation to occur at a pace that ensures it sticks.  

Our impact spreads and scales-up organically. Our students go on to apply their learning and research findings in professional settings; and our communities share the knowledge and practice they have gained with their neighbours. 


You are the means! By donating you give the next generation the best possible chance to adapt to and thrive in their changing environment.

100% of your money goes to our projects, and we only proceed with a project when it is fully funded in order to know that we can see it through.

If you are concerned about the effects of climate change or would like to be part of the means of transforming peoples’ lives from poverty to prosperity, please make a donation, or work with us as a fundraiser.

Thank you!