Project Articles & Reports

Below is a selection of articles and reports relating to our projects we run in Nepal. Just click on the green title of your choice for a PDF version of the article/report.


Project.1 - Improved cooking stoves & forest conservation (2013)

Forest Conservation and Improved Cooking Stoves project Middle Mountains, Nepal, Report updated Jan 2013

Project.2 - Climate change adaptation & Integrated water resource management (IWRM) (2012-14)

Enhancing Community Capacities for Learning and Adaptation to Climate Change: A Periodic Progress Report of a collaboration between The Glacier Trust, UK and Practical Action, Nepal 2014

Integrated Water Resource Management project in Siwalik Mountains, Nepal, Report updated Jan 2013 

Interim report on Community self-help adaptation programme for climate change, August 2012


Climategate, then Glaciergate article (2010) Garton, R.
First Climategate, then Glaciergate. So did we get it all wrong?

Biomass briquette dangers article (2010) Garton, R.
Biomass briquettes: The dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning