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Inequality affects the charity sector just like any other.

Voluntary organisations with an annual income of over £1m account for 81% of the sector’s total income, but make up only 3% of the total number of charities. 

82% of all the charities in the UK have an income of £100,000 / year or less. Yet between them, they only receive 5% of the total income the charity sector receives. 

  • 3% of charities (the big 'uns) receive 81% of all income.
  • 82% of charities (the little 'uns) receive 5% of all income.

We are a small charity, part of that 82%. Last year our annual income was just under £56,000.

We spent less that 2% of that income on marketing and advertising activities, around £788.   

This explains why you have only just heard about The Glacier Trust.