Comic books and Climate Change adaptation

Our friend Erica at Technical Nature has told us about a really great comic book written to communicate on Climate Change adaptation in Portugal. It was created for the ClimAdaPT.Local project and tells the story of a reporter and cameraman covering climate change adaptation around the country. It is based on real life stories and highlights the challenges people face and the solutions that are available to them. It is a great way to raise awareness and communicate the issues in an engaging way.

We also learned about Cartoon Abstracts this week, which is an attempt to communicate the findings of academic research in a more visual way. RSA Animate is another really popular example. There is definitely a trend emerging!

Portugal and Nepal face different challenges when it comes to climate change, but there are similarities and we are wondering whether a comic book could be helpful in Nepal? Please get in touch if you'd like to explore that opportunity with us! 

Here's a page from 'Special Report Adaptation to Climate Change in Portugal' - you can download the full comic from ClimAdaPT.Local.