Nepal's objectives at COP24

The UNFCCC Conference of the Parties, number 24, or COP 24 for short, will soon be upon us. There is a really helpful article in the Kathmandu Post today that outlines what NGO and Government stakeholders in Nepal are hoping will be achieved in Katowice, Poland, next month.

In short, it is this:

  • Secure financial and technological support from the international community to aid Nepal's fight against climate change.

  • Highlight Nepal’s efforts and transition towards clean energy and/or electric mobility.

  • The formulation and implementation of a clear mechanism to enable developing countries, like Nepal, to access support via the UNFCCC Green Climate Fund that was agreed at COP 21 in Paris.

There is general frustration in Nepal (and elsewhere around the world) about how slowly negotiations have progressed since COP 21 in Paris, especially on the promised US $100 billion, per year, for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Nepal Government seems however, to be taking the issues seriously and will be doing what it can to make the case in Poland.

Maheshwar Dhakal, chief of Climate Change Management Division under the Ministry of Forest and Environment, is quoted as saying that the Government of Nepal has a three pronged strategy on climate change:

  1. Building climate resilience;

  2. Shifting towards low-carbon economy; and

  3. Strengthening climate diplomacy.

The third of these will be tested at COP 24; we’ll continue to do everything we can to enable the first and second.

Let’s hope that COP 24 goes well and that the Nepali Government is able to work with the other G77 nations to successfully achieve its objectives.