Courage not hope

Climate scientists. People don’t listen to them much, but if you do this is what you’ll hear: the chances of avoiding dangerous climate change are now almost zero. 3°C or more of global warming looks inevitable, it is 95% certain.

We are in the midst of collective acceptance of this reality, the hope we’ve held for so long is ebbing away, the game is up, we failed to stop this thing. Sadness, regret, grief and anger are sweeping through the environment movement. This is an emotional moment; and a juncture.

We've covered this before, but two incredible short essays have been written this month; we'd love you to read them: 

  1. We Need Courage, Not Hope, to Face Climate Change
    by Kate Marvel.
  2. I Felt Despair About Climate Change—Until a Brush With Death Changed My Mind
    by Alison Spodek Keimowitz.

All over the world, as temperatures rise, people will suffer. How much they suffer is down to us, we can enable them to adapt so that the very worst impacts are avoided. Every donation you make fills a family in Nepal with hope, hope that they will be able to adapt.  

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