How Climate Change is impacting global water resources

So much of our project work is about water. We are funding the construction of a new water supply system in Deurali, enabling farmers to grow crops that don't require intensive watering and providing the basic materials to build water harvesting ponds. In the Himalaya's this is the biggest impact Climate Change is having, it is effecting the amount of rain and snow fall and changing the amount of water available from glacier and snow melt. 

NASA scientists have taken a global look of the impacts climate change is having on water and have produced an annotated map to show the significant changes that are happening around the world. In Nepal, it is glacier melt, in other locations groundwater depletion is the most pressing concern, or surface water drying. 


The full report by Rodell et al, can be read at A useful short summary by Eric Holthaus, is available on Grist.