Poor countries are developing rich ones

'We often think that rich countries are developing poor countries, but in fact, the opposite is true, poor nations are developing rich ones.' 

The world isn't fair. More than four billion people live on less than $5 per day. Why? In this video, Dr Jason Hickel explains the startling truth behind his book The Divide, and points out that we've been thinking about global inequality all wrong.

Dr. Jason Hickel's book The Divide is a wake up call to anyone working in the International Development sector.

We need to rethink how we work in developing nations and ensure that as well as providing aid and enabling support, we also challenge the global economic structures that are holding people in poverty. 

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The world economy is growing - but not fairly. Only 5% of new income from global growth goes to the poorest 60% of humanity. At this rate, does GDP growth a meaningful solution to poverty? And given the reality of ecological breakdown, is growth even something we should pursue?

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