Deusa AFRC board members announced


The Deusa AFRC (Agro Forestry Resource Centre) has elected a new chair and some new members to its board of governors. There is also a new look to the Advisory committee. Both bodies help to ensure that the AFRC runs in a democratic and transparent way with members of the board and advisory committee providing an essential link to the community. 

Newly Elected Board Members for two year tenure:

  1. Chairperson        Mr. Til Bahadur Rai        
  2. Vice Chair         Mr. Rajesh Babu Rai        
  3. Secretary        Mr. Keshab Prasad Rai        
  4. Joint-Secretary        Mr. Chudamani K.C.         
  5. Treasurer         Ms. Parbati Rai             
  6. Member            Mr. Solahang Rai         
  7. Member             Mr. Nau Bahadur Rai        
  8. Member             Ms. Poornima Rai         
  9. Member             Ms. Maina Kumari Rai     
  10. Member             Mr. Bir Bahadur B.K.     
  11. Member             Ms. Kamala Rai         

Advisory Committee members:

  1. Mr. Kul Krishna K.C. – Coordinator                
  2. Mr. Ram Sangharsha Kirati – Ward Chair - 8     
  3. Mr. Anu Prashanta Rai - Ward Chair -7         
  4. Mr. Bhojraj Karki – Journalist             
  5. Ms. Sarita Rai – Ward member

TGT would like to congratulate and welcome all new members.