Our higher education students get their hands dirty

The four students on our higher education programme in Nepal this year are well into their research in Solukhumbu. But it’s not all interviews and focus groups. A big part of getting an understanding of what life is like, how agro-forestry is done and the changes our projects enable, is to get involved in it.

PHOTO-2019-06-18-13-09-29 (1).jpg
PHOTO-2019-06-18-13-09-27 (1).jpg

Yesterday, Rachel, Charlotte, Navin and Kanchan rolled up their sleeves and worked with staff from Deusa AFRC, our NGO partner Eco Himal and local farmers to plant a new fruit tree.

This wasn’t a normal tree-planting effort, they followed the ‘biointensive’ method. This method gives the tree the very best chance of flourishing by providing it with vital nutrients via leaves, mulch, compost, ash and wood.


It is tough work, they have to collect all the nutrients for the tree, dig a hole that is a metre wide and deep and then work the soil back into the ground.


Our higher education programme plays a vital role in developing the next generation of climate change adaptation professionals. If you would like to sponsor a Nepali student’s place on next year’s programme, please get in touch with our Co-Director, Dr. Morgan Phillips.