Beware solar triumphalism

2017 saw a growing trend for #ClimateOptimism a kind of narrative where influential people and groups tell us that everything is going to be OK. The inference being: don’t worry you can carry on living life as normal, give or take a few minor changes. It is well intentioned, the thinking being that people respond better to hope than despair. But what if it is false hope that we are being sold? This is a theme we will be exploring a little more in 2018. 

Tyler Cowan writing in Bloomberg View on January 2nd:

‘There is now a doctrine of what I call “solar triumphalism”: the price of panels has been falling exponentially, the technology makes good practical sense, and only a few further nudges are needed for solar to become a major energy source. Unfortunately, this view seems to be wrong.’

Articles like Tyler's are a sobering reminder of just how elusive a low carbon future still is.

The hope we need to give is to those who are most badly effected by Climate Change and those who stand to be effected in the very near future. TGT can give that hope and we can deliver on it. TGT projects are proof of that and we want to do a whole lot more in 2018.